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Specialised in the industrial automation sector, we design and produce electric panels and software for production machinery and systems, and we adapt systems to the regulations in force.

Established in 1991 based on the intuition and experience of engineers coming from different plant engineering and industrial automation fields, EM Elettrotecnica today is a dynamic company that always keeps an eye on the future. A strong innovative spirit leads its founders to firmly believe in searching for new solutions, starting from the idea that a good result can be achieved by perfectly combining products and services.

Never-ending updating, experience in the field and a profound knowledge of the industrial segment’s requirements lie at the foundation of all the services and activities of EM Elettrotecnica. They have allowed the company to play a leading role in the development and execution of advanced solutions for the industrial automation segment.

Electric Panels
and Software

EM Elettrotecnica designs and makes wiring diagrams with specific industrial automation software, as well as adapts existing industrial machinery to the regulations currently in force.


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Machinery Revamping

The operation able to regenerate even complex industrial systems in order to extend the life cycle of the product inside the production process. By revamping it is possible to intervene on the technological soul of the nearly obsolete machinery, replacing it with advanced technologies able to improve their efficiency and guaranteeing compliance with the safety standard.

System adaptation

One step of the revamping process is dedicated to adapting systems. Following a risk analysis, EM Elettrotecnica designs the new equipment in line with the safety system regulations currently in force.

For further information please contact us, one of our experts will advise you.

Industrial automation services
and applications

Over 20 years of experience and expertise have placed EM Elettrotecnica on the front line to meet the continual evolution of the industrial automation market, which is always undergoing constant development.

Staying in pace with the times and seizing every hint of progress is the guideline that allows the company to offer highly technological solutions that respond to the current production context. EM Elettrotecnica’s goal is to promptly meet the customer’s requirement by finding the best solution that can be implemented and by proposing formulas and guarantees of an efficient and complete service. EM Elettrotecnica installs automation systems for industrial machinery. In particular, the company’s solutions are applied to sectors such as mechanical and hydraulic presses for forming and forging, electric and gas furnaces for heating and heat treatment, foundries, and machinery for metalworking. Over the years, the number of EM Elettrotecnica’s customers has grown continually, and it has accumulated consolidated and wide-ranging experience in different industrial automation fields. Its non-stop updating of the technologies used allows it to provide the best solutions available on the market, in this way guaranteeing the customer total satisfaction of the work done. In this context, the company is also specialised in producing supervision software for controlling industrial machinery and processes, acquiring data for managing production processes, remote control and remote monitoring of remote systems. The sectors involved include: drinking water drawing and treatment, industrial sludge treatment, resin finishing systems and production control. EM Elettrotecnica does not limit itself to designing and producing electric panels and software for industrial machinery and systems. The company sets out to be a genuine point of reference for its customers by offering its assistance service, available both on-site and remotely.