Electric panels for industrial automation


EM Elettrotecnica is specialised in designing and building electric panels for industrial automation and offers innovative and customised solutions for the automation of machinery and systems having high technological content.

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The 30 years of experience it has gained in developing electric panels for industrial automation allows the company to interact with different sectors,

by working on different new generation systems and at the same time on automation systems for existing and/or reconditioned machines. This versatility has always made EM Elettrotecnica the safest choice in the field of industrial automation. The electric panels for industrial automation made by EM Elettrotecnica guarantee utmost efficiency and adaptability on different machine types and in many sectors, including: Hot and cold metalworking presses, hydraulic presses, packaging machinery, electric and gas furnaces for heat treatment, die gravity casting machines, precision presses and robotised islands. Its constant updating of the technologies used makes EM Elettrotecnica’s electric panels for industrial automation the best solution to meet the most specific demands of its customers.

Design and development of electric panels for industrial automation

For more than 30 years EM Elettrotecnica has been making electric panels for industrial automation, and electromechanical and electronic panels. EM Elettrotecnica’s added value comes to life from its consolidated IT and plant engineering experience in the use of programmable PLC logics for medium and large systems and in integration with corporate IT systems, i.e. the Internet and Intranet.

EM Elettrotecnica’s electric panels
for industrial automation

The company makes available to its customers extensive expertise in the use of any type of motor or drive: single-phase, three-phase, stepping, brushless motors; inverters; drives; axis control boards; closed loop positioning boards; electronic cam control boards.

Not only electric panels for industrial automation, but also design of systems with decentralized peripheral device management and field buses (Profinet, Profibus, Asi, Modbus, EthernetIP), using copper cables, plastic fibre optics, glass fibre optics, radio systems and combined systems. EM Elettrotecnica has made a name for itself over the years due to its innovative vision, a peculiar trait that has led the company to work with many installations. EM Elettrotecnica’s electric panels for industrial automation are therefore built to meet many different market requirements. The company designs, builds and integrates PLC architectures, Pcs and embedded solutions, and is able to make supervision software for controlling machines and industrial processes, data acquisition for managing production processes, remote control and remote monitoring of remote systems, such as in the drinking water drawing, treatment and recirculation; industrial sludge treatment; resin finishing; and production control sectors. EM Elettrotecnica’s electric panels for industrial automation are part of a more comprehensive company mission project that views the company’s staff as the point of reference for partners and customers. A team of the sector’s professionals will be able to provide a complete overview of the state of affairs and a project in line with the customer’s needs and expectations. For many years industrial automation has played a key role in the world of industry, and it increasingly aims at improving the product during its processing. Automation means optimisation of an entire process that leads to the making of the final product. EM Elettrotecnica, which has always been focused on improvement in terms of products and services, chooses to be in the front line by offering electric panels for industrial automation in full compliance with European regulations.