Machinery adaptation

Machine tool

During our work on system revamping, we also adapt production machinery and systems to regulations for our customers in order to guarantee their safety according to the law.

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Our machinery adaptation service adapts the machinery and industrial systems from the safety perspective, ensuring they comply with the regulations in force.

Within the system revamping process, EM Elettrotecnica pays special attention to machinery adaptation. Following a meticulous risk analysis, EM Elettrotecnica designs the new equipment in full compliance with the safety system regulations currently in force. Indeed, the European directives that deal with this topic require that the equipment on which the workers have to operate be compliant with specific provisions. To this regard, it is necessary that the machinery always be up to date with the latest technologies available.

Certified professionalism

Identifying the right supplier able to perform customised machinery adaptation work allows the company to totally rely on the skills of a specialised technical team. On the subject of industrial system adaptation, EM Elettrotecnica guarantees total compliance of the machinery or system, in full observance of the safety requirements in force. With over 20 years of experience, our company ensures professional and certified work based on the latest regulations for the complete protection of the customer.

Customised work for machine tool adaptation

Our machinery adaptation service offers greater efficiency in terms of result and economic savings. In fact, this work allows additional extraordinary maintenance operations to be considerably reduced.

Safe machines make a drastic reduction in accidents and injuries at the workplace possible. Adaptation and verification of compliance with safety regulations are two of the most delicate factors to be dealt with inside a production company. Industrial machinery adaptation is an opportunity for companies that, in this way, join the Industry 4.0 Plan on the subject of regulatory adaptation to the Machinery Directive. The obligations of companies start from the risk analysis, a step necessary to determine what the essential safety requirements for a machine or special system are. EM Elettrotecnica follows the customer in every stage of the process. From risk analysis and design of new safety equipment to system revamping and the resulting machine tool adaptation. Multi-brand software and PLCs are used for system revamping and adaptation to the safety regulations. This offers maximum customisation of the functions based on the specific requirements of the customer. The new design of the machine’s functions provides an extensive innovative view that leads not only the system, but the entire company as well, to standing out in an increasingly competitive market. Placing your trust in a technical team with over 20 years of experience in the sector guarantees greater safety for the production company that, thanks to its ongoing relationship with EM Elettrotecnica, can feel totally safe and in the hands of expert professionals. Working on an obsolete machine to bring it back to a new life allows the company to cut otherwise unavoidable costs. Thanks to a targeted and functional machine tool adaptation intervention, it is possible to work on the heart of the production, bringing the machinery to a regeneration equal to their original conditions. Staying in pace with the times and seizing every hint of progress is the guideline that allows the company to offer highly technological solutions that respond to the current production context. EM Elettrotecnica is the answer to the problem owing to its customised analysis, design and system revamping services.