Our machinery revamping operations are able to regenerate even complex industrial systems in order to extend the life cycle of the machinery inside the production process.

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We analyse your machinery and perform machinery revamping work for a large variety of industrial sectors.

EM Elettrotecnica deals with machinery revamping, a specific operation that intervenes on the technological soul of the obsolete machinery by replacing it with advanced technologies able to make the system return to its original efficiency. The machinery revamping process is implemented in those cases in which the mechanical part of a machine is still operational, but the system is obsolete electronically and electrically. EM Elettrotecnica steps in to update the electronic and management section, giving the product new life.

revamping 4.0

Machinery revamping makes it possible to be always up to date from the technological viewpoint, while at the same time increasing the safety of machinery. Renovating an obsolete machine is the solution that allows the company to promptly step in on the product without having to totally replace it. It is important to rely on a team of experts able to work on different types of machines, that knows how to seize the strengths and weaknesses of the system in order to increase its performance and guarantee greater productivity for the company.

Machinery revamping for the yield and flexibility
of the production line

It is essential to learn about the proper life cycle management of the machinery in any industrial and production sector. Investing in renovation of the machine can be the solution to avoid high costs for replacing the entire system.

At the heart of this intervention is an enormous analysis job that allows the staff of EM Elettrotecnica to single out the best solution with which to perform the work. What follows then is the design and execution of everything that concerns the electric, electronic and software areas. Replacing a single element allows the company requiring machinery revamping to always be in step with the cutting-edge solutions the market offers. In this way, productivity, safety and efficiency are enhanced by restoring the original technological processes. The field of industrial automation, which is constantly evolving, makes the use of advanced and new generation machinery able to guarantee top productivity absolutely necessary. Technologies, safety, and reliability are basic ingredients on which the entire production is built. The machinery has to meet the criteria established by the regulations in force while raising the level of worker safety as high as possible. Professionalism and skill form the foundation of EM Elettrotecnica’s mission, which is aimed at satisfying the customer in a project followed by our staff from start to finish. Analysis, design, execution, assistance: a steady line between supplier and customer that increasingly focuses on making the work of entrepreneurs and those who work directly on the machinery in the front line easier. The machinery revamping performed by EM Elettrotecnica is the ideal solution for those who want to make their company advanced by giving new life to a machine that in another way would be totally replaced, in this way without running into additional costs. Machinery revamping is a delicate process carried forward by a staff of skilled engineers who after meticulously analysing the state of affairs, proposes a project aimed at redeveloping the system while optimising the efficiency of the entire production chain. EM Elettrotecnica, an advanced company that has worked in the sector for over 20 years, allows the heart of the problem identified to be tackled with machinery revamping.