Press automation

EM Elettrotecnica

Its ongoing updating of the technologies used in the press automation field places EM Elettrotecnica always on the front line with the best solutions to guarantee the satisfaction of every customer.

In 2021 our headquarters was doubled,
from 1000sqm to 2000sqm.

Established in 1991 based on the intuition of engineers coming from different plant engineering and industrial automation fields, EM Elettrotecnica is today acknowledged as being a highly regarded point of reference for the press automation sector.

With its focus always set on innovation and non-stop improvement, the company has been able to consolidate its position in the market and offer itself as a technological partner of modern industry and of the leading high automation plant manufacturers.

EM Elettrotecnica offers products meeting a wide range of sectors, such as metalworking machinery and systems. The company is particularly specialised in mechanical and hydraulic press automation for hot- and cold-working, in addition to precision press and equalizer automation.

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Our applications

Industrial pre-heating and surface treatment furnaces, die-casting and casting machinery, abrasive processing and production machinery and systems, transport and storage lines, water conditioning and waste treatment system are additional applications of the solutions EM Elettrotecnica has developed.

and innovation

Every year EM Elettrotecnica invests in updating its personnel an in continuous research and development activities. This is a strongly innovative outlook that has allowed the company to become consolidated in different industrial sectors and fields.

EM Elettrotecnica boasts specific experience in the press automation sector and, more generally, in the field of machinery and plant modernisation for the industrial automation sector. It in fact deals with the analysis and redesign of obsolete machinery with the goal of making them relevant, top performing and in step with the latest demands of end users with the use of new technologies. The company distinguishes itself as being a single supplier for both the electric portion and the electronic and management software portion. It is a reliable partner that follows the process in each of its stages: from design and execution to installation and assistance.
Its experience, the capability of its personnel and the in-depth knowledge of electric and electronic equipment, also in the field of press automation, allow the company to offer turn-key solutions, for complex systems and plants as well.