Software for industrial automation


Our continuous updating of the technologies used allows us to design and create customised software for industrial automation to satisfy the customer.

For further information please contact us, one of our experts will advise you.

Software design
for industrial automation

With 30 years of experience built up at the service of the production segment, EM Elettrotecnica develops and creates software for industrial automation extremely customised based on the specific requirements of each customer. The industrial automation software programs made are new, customised solutions based on standard market technologies found around the world, including the Siemens, Schneider, Omron and Allen Bradley brands. As regards the safety component, EM Elettrotecnica is always recognised as a Pilz system integrator and competence centre.

Software for industrial automation 4.0

Thanks to our in-depth technical and technological knowledge of drives and controls made by the leading brands in the market, we build efficient and top performing multi-axis Motional Control systems. We always pay special attention and dedicate special care to developing the man-machine interface in all of our executions, with the goal of ensuring practical and intuitive running of the system. To make the machine preparation steps easier, our software programs for industrial automation are equipped with animated graphic panels and interactive guides.

Our types of software
for industrial automation

EM Elettrotecnica designs and develops different types of software for industrial automation that can be applied to machines in the production systems of many different product areas. With the synergy between the experience and expertise of our engineers – professionals in numerous sectors – we are able to meet the main demands of the industrial context by offering customisation, advice and energy.

We particularly deal with:

  • Development of PLC and Motion Control software
  • Development of HMI software for operator panels
  • Development of control and supervisor software on PCs
  • Development of software for fail-safe applications
  • Development of software for i4.0 applications
  • Development of embedded software
  • Development of software for robots.

Our services also include on-site and remote assistance for the start-up, management and maintenance of software and systems. The company is, in fact, a point of reference today not only for the development of software for industrial automation, but also in the field of press automation and the modernisation of industrial automation systems. Our activities in the sector include the analysis and redesign of obsolete machinery as far as the electric, electronic and naturally management software parts are concerned.

Sectors of application

In the field of metalworking and mechanical engineering, we build mechanical presses for metal deformation, hydraulic presses, special moulding presses, gas and electric furnaces and systems for heating and heat treatment, die gravity casting machines, special NC machines, forging systems, and automatic systems for creating abrasive mixtures.

For the food industry, transport and storage systems and packing systems.

In the energy and environment sector, we deal with industrial sludge treatment systems, waste management and control systems, and drinking water treatment and recirculation systems.

In the field of automation and robotics, we design assembly and testing machinery, robotised interlocking islands, and robotised islands for steel press-forging.

Lastly, for safety systems, we develop the supply of configurable safety systems for machinery and system adaptation, adaptation of assembly openings and stations, adaptation of transport systems, adaptation of production machinery and lines with safety PLC and remote I/O in safety-bus application and implementation in the existing automation logic.